If the past few decades have been the Information Revolution, you could say that information has won. Organizations which are inundated information to the point of surrender. And yet somehow, the right information rarely seems to be available to the right person, at the right time. The stakes are high: A lack of timely and accurate data can lead to guesswork that jeopardizes customer satisfaction, costs sales opportunities drives up procurement costs and compromises financial reporting and regulatory compliance.

Triquetro Business Intelligence helps to empower your workforce — from C-level executives to rank-and-file business analysts — with the reliable information they need to make informed strategic and tactical business decisions that improve your performance and also the profitability.

Triquetro Business Intelligence solutions provide a complete lifecycle of information management.

  • Design a data warehouse/data mart (Decision Support System DSS).

  • Design an ETL solution to move information from transactional to DSS system.

  • Design a reporting/analytics solution on top of the DSS to provide the executive with reliable information.

  • Constantly refine the system for better reporting capabilities and performance.

Technologies :

  • Business Objects

  • Cognos

  • QlikView

  • Tableau

  • Jaspersoft

  • OBIEE Crystal Reports

  • Streamsets

  • Dell Boomi

  • Informatica

  • Hadoop Stack

  • Teradata

  • MySql

  • MariaDB

  • Cassandra

  • RDBMS, etc.,

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