With growing CRM, HR, Social Media, BI and Analytics application residing on the Cloud (likes of Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS), cloud data integration computing delivers a flexible solution to bring the data in-house or vice-versa for the further use.

Triquetro integration specialists have their extensive experience in both varieties of technologies offer both cloud and on-premise integration solutions for multi-direction enterprise information integration.

Triquetrous analytics consultation is well experienced in building cloud-based BI and analytics solutions on SAP HANA Cloud, Stream set, Jasper Soft, etc., which allows you to access traditional and internet-based data from the sources such as Google Big Query, Google Analytics, Google spreadsheets, Salesforce, SQL databases, Facebook, Excel spreadsheets, Amazon DB, SAP HANA and XML web page services. You can easily mix these data sources together, deeper into your company data from anywhere.

  • Google Big Query

  • Google Analytics

  • Google spreadsheets

  • Salesforce

  • SQL databases

  • Facebook

  • Excel spreadsheets

  • Amazon DB


  • and XML

  • web page services

Both On-premise or hosted cloud data integration solutions gives the customer to know. The upfront investment in servers or software licensing, on the provider side with just one application to maintain. The costs are low compared to conventional hosting while retaining capabilities and security of the enterprise solutions.

  • Our framework helps to define what Paas/SaaS to choose which is based on the applications, enterprise information integration architecture,

  • data conversions and

  • integrations and

  • visualization to help and build the solution right from the first time to lower down the road managing, hosting and monitoring costs.

Our agile delivery methodology will prioritize delivery schedule of implementation of Paas/SaaS to the organization's strategic objectives in a defined roadmap through the effective scope and resource management. Our consultants are experienced to lower your TCO by rationalizing appropriate design choice. Our blended resource will deliver the model which will yield a better return on your investment than the traditional model.

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